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Fairytales don`t come true

14 November, 2001

I met Nick three years ago, my freshman year of college. I fell in love with him but he wasn't ready for a girl. So I waited. After a year of being best friends we finally started dating. After a week he was talking marriage. It was a dream come true. We dated for almost a year when he asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes. I was so in love with him. At first we were going to get married in one year. Then he postponed that. Then he postponed it again. Then he broke off the engagement. This was all within 5 months after we were engaged.

Then he broke up with me. We almost made it to a year and a half. We were living together. We had just bought a bed together. I don't know how to tell my parents. I just want him to come back to me.

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