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13 October, 2007

She grew up believing that she would have nothing. She thought that she would be nothing. She believed you are only worth the amount of work you do in your life. Relax isfor other people.

She finally learned through the years and through the love of her life that you can have things and enjoy them and there was nothing wrong with it. She learned how to trust and believe people after many years of trusting no one. Her husband gave her everything that she wanted. Even the one thing she never had in her life which was love.

He was her Robin Hood. He saved her.

He gave her a castle in the sky and what ever she wanted he made sure she got it.

She wanted to give him love back. Shelearned to trustand relax, but she never forgot to love him in return.She was able to repay him with a beautiful daughter.

He was a wonderful father to there daughter, but theone thing hurt the most he learned how to ignore his loving wife. He no longer paid attention to her needs. He believed his daughter was the only one who needed his time and effort and love. His wife grew to become lonely. Although she still tried to hold the twinkle in his eye. She no longer could.

So she spent all her time with her daughter and devoted everything to her with presents and beautiful clothes and time. She gave her everything that she could.She tried to be the "perfect wife and mother". Instead of making her husband happy with this it made him unhappy.

He started to criticize everything his wife done.

No matter how much she tried she could never stay ahead of his comments. She would show her disappointment of his comments with great sadness, and he would always come up with other excuses.Her heartwould break when he would criticize her parenting skills because she knew that she was doing okay with her daughter. She was back were she started having someone not believe in her and having to work harder for the love that she missed so much.

She learned how to keep the love and bond with her daughter. When it came to the man who taught her to let her guard down and trust him and to learn to need him, her blood ran cold.

She no longer felt the same way and became trapped inside her self with emotions that she would not know how to tell anyone.

Everyone thinks she is still the happiest women and the most fortunate women in the town.

Her husband would break the wall and do something special and make her fall for him again. The very same day he will tell her how awful she is or that she didn't do something to his standards.

He heart breaks silently inside that she can only hear the pieces falling. She prays and goes to church and she even seen a doctor. Everyone tells her that it is not her but she still tries to love the man who gave her everything.

It is like a nightmare over and over, what can she do to make him happy?

She hopes one day that his love for her will return but after 16 years she is starting to believe that love isn't everything...

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