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Everyone wants love.

15 October, 2008

t;center>You know,must girls at a young age say “I can’t wait until I get a boyfriend, getmarried, and have kids”, but the thing I figured out is that love isn’t thateasy to get through.Even thoughmy Parents don’t allow this “boyfriend business”, until I’m sixteen, I wantedto know what it feels like to be in love. And just have that ever-so-Perfectguy.Well, in mycase, I didn’t know what I was going through.</center>

<center>It’s somuch time spent into that one Person, so much arguments to go through, and sucha waste of time to figure out: “Why is he/she mad at me”, “What did I dowrong”, And constantly that Person is on You’re mind.I’ve beenwith one Person, and one Person only, and he gave me the time of my life.He was myfirst love, and a guy I could never stop thinking about in my sleep.I was inlove so much that I’d sacrifice me getting in trouble, just for him.</center> <center>I was 12,Young, and not much knowledge of what I had gotten myself into.He wouldbreak my heart almost every week, over and over and over again, but still Iforgave him.Then, justsuddenly, he stopped talking to me, out of the blue, I kept calling him, butthere was no response.I looked athis my space pictures, and there she was.Under bigblue caption saying “My baby (love u)!”, and from there, he had cheated, andgave up on me.</center> <center>Like I wasnothing, not even a human being, I did nothing to him, except love him the sameway he loved me.But, guessit was over for me.“SIX” timeshe broke my heart, and six times is enough. (And six is my favorite number).No more ofhim.</center> <center>The thingthat most girls want is that Perfect guy to love them.They wantthat guy, who’s always there for them, and never leaves.That guywho’s always holding their hand, and showing the world saying “She’s all mine,and will be forever”,They wantthat guy who calls them, even if it’s to say that they can’t call them for therest of the week.They wantthat guy, who would make them laugh, andsmile constantly until You’re cheeks get sore.They justwant that guy, who will love them forever, and ever.</center>

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