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Endless tears by:kacy richardson

25 November, 2008

i met this girl her name was stephanie her smile could brighten a dark room her eyes so bright and blue who could ever think that i would end up feeling the way i do .

she broke up with me a day before our aniveserey it was the 20th of november 2008.

she wrote to me because she diddent have the guts to say it to my face.

it said kacy u try to choose my friends and you never let me hug guys and your so hippacritacal .

i said if u love me u love me your not going to spend your hole life with your friends your not going to raise chrildren with your friends your not going to sleep in the same bed as your friends.

and if this so called friend hurt the one u love should they still be your friend ?

i never hit her i never abused her i always showed my love reguardless of the time or plase or who was there .

i found out i was better than this im a great guy i have a huge heart and so much love to give ig u would like to write me my adress is 521 e oak skiatook ok 74070 my full name is kacy adam richardson great things happen every thing was ment so you can find your lifes meaning if u want to know what i look like im 5/10 i weigh 147 i have dark brown hair that curls at the ends it goes to my eyebrows i love to sing randb loce songs im verry enerjetic i have a great smile perfect teeth im sorta of prepy but kina gansterish but not a gangster i deserve a shot so if u have one to give....... give it write me my number is 918-396-1025 call me

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