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Ended before it began

09 December, 2002

Two years ago, almost to the date, I fell in love with the man of my dreams, he was everything I had hoped for and waited for, for so long. I was single and divorced many years. We found each other by accident. I had gotten a second job because I needed the money to live and he was on a military seminar. I was waitressing at the seminar he was at and we fell in love instantly and have been together ever since. That magical day was Dec 5th, 2000.

Now here I am 2 years later, separated and headed for divorce.

Oh yeah we overcame so many obsticals and we got married and we lived a fairy tale for almost 2 years. We travelled, we had fun, we did things that neither of us had ever done before. We got married and moved to NY, and that's when all our problems began. He turned into a different person, and maybe somewhere along the way so did I.

Now so much has happened and he has left me, moved out and moved to a different state. I don't know when I will talk to him or see him again. I'm so sad. Neither of us gave it a chance. We were so stupid and acting like children that we forgot what real life was about. I don't know what will happen, I don't know my own name these days, all I know is I'm just trying to survive and get through it.

It hurts so much.

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