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22 July, 2008

This is the second time my heart has been broken. Someone told me once, time heals, but time only gives me space to think about what has happened even more. I feel lonely, sad, empty and desperate for change. I am the only person I know who is in my position and I feel everyone else is just getting on, but I cant.

We moved in together, had a passionate relationship. I gave my all, I was careful having my heart broken once before.I knew things were moving fast but it felt right and it felt good. Out of the blue things changed. I held onto hope. Then I went with my mind and not my heart and he moved out. Now I am alone. He is bitter. I miss him. I miss us. Things were much better before. I feel lost. I cant stop crying. I only wish one day I will wake up and for this to be all over.It hurts so bad.

I cant believe it has happened again.

I want to find the one and love life. I just feel its not going to happen. I feel like a fake laughing, smiling when inside the light and my sparkle has gone.

I want to love and for the love to be returned. What other meaning of life is there? This is mine. This is my story.

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