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Emotional abuse??

06 November, 2007

I met my ex when i was still in high school, and he was a sophomore in college. At first he was charming, "romantic" he would call me 24/7 and tried to spend as much time as possible. He would always remind me of how much he loved me and how one day we would live happily ever after.

At the early stages of our relationship i wasn't emoionally attached. I would get mad at him even for the smallest things, like a white lie. I used to get irritated but he was always there with me, he always begged for forgiveness, and he always treated me with respect and love no matter what. this went on for a year.

About a year after we began dating, he began to change. He would start disrespecting me, he would get mad at me if we didn't have any ual contact, he would start calling me names all the time, he even slapped me in the face one time. He totally changed from the princess charming i had met a year ago. During this time, i began to change some of the things he didnt like about me hoping that he would treat me better, but he didnt change..

He would always complain how he had done too much in the relaionship but i hadnt so he basically he gave up on me after a year but we still had the label bf and gf.

At times it seemed like he was back to "prince charming" but that didnt last took long. It lasted for a day or too, only until "i" would get him mad.

Three months later, he called me and told me how he thought i was a and a hoe, that i wasnt worh anything and how stupid i was. He told how he regreted this whole time he had been with me, and that the he was "in love" with before me was soo much better in bed than me and how he would post pictures of me in the internet if i dont do what he tells me..etc. I feel crushed, i gave him everything i had and he tooked it for granted. I know i shouldn't be with him anymore but is hard for me to get over him. We went out for a year and three months and i've cried my self to sleep ever since we broke up.

I know that he said things that he didnt mean, thats what he does alot when he is mad... but i dont know what i can do to "fix" the situation. There is nothing i can probablly do at this point. I just want him to realize how stupid he was, becasue like how the saying goes.. no one knows what they have until they loose it. I wish i could forget him bu i dont know how!!

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