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Don't know what to do

26 April, 2008

so i dated this one boy for 5months &+ 1 day.he was my everything &+ i love him more than anything.he ended up dating what was supposed to be my best frendd,but they didn't last long because he said that he still loved me. now he's dating a girl that's a year younger than us &+ i really don't like her<--it has nothing to do w/ the fact that they're dating i just don't like her &+ never have. he said that if i want him back i'll have to wait until the beginning of the next school year which will make a full 6months that i have waited for him. all i want to kno' is if he's worth it. i mean i love him so much,but what if in the next 4months he decides that he loves her,what happens to me? do i just fade away?

please help me

&+ give me some advice

much love



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