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Don't expect too much.....

03 January, 2008

No one knows what would happen next in our life..Frustration in my second boyfriend made me so snob with the other guy who really liketo court me... and im afraid to fall in love again and they will just leave me hanging in the air..

Until fate brings me in Academy, where i need to teach Korean students, even though it was not my profession as a teacher because i am a business management grad..i just grabbed the opportunity of having a job coz im a fresh grad...And this the story goes...

When i entered in Academiy for a contract signing.. there are two Koreans standing in front of me while im waiting in the office.. so as a hospitable individual, i smiled at them.. Jerome smiled back at me while the other Korean rejected my smile, it was my first time that my smile was rejected.. so i decided that if i start my teaching inAcademy i will never greet and smile with the snob Korean..

Days have passed teaching in Academy... and that snob Korean seems to noticed that i was also a snob,, that everytime we passed by,, i just ignored him,, i did'nt greet him..and i did'nt know that he's confronting it with the head teacher..

One time.. unexpectedly.. my students did'nt attend our class..so because of that..the snob Korean went to my room and start a conversation with me..

And this is the start of a good friendship between us..coz i confronted him because of his being snob.. and he told that im also snob.. that he was so shy to greet me..

He started to text me.. until he ask me to drink some beer with him and go out with him..he told me to give him the chance to do a thousand way..

It really feels good to be with him.. i thought that he's different with the guys that i've encountered before..I really appreciate him because even his so tired that time.. he has time to meet and just see me..

Until the times come that he will leave the Philippines coz he really needs to go back in Korea because of the students.. he never know if he will back again here in the Philippines..He told me that it takes so long before he feels that again...its hard for him to go and leave..and he's always asking God to stop the time so we can spend more time together..

I never thought that i will fall inlove with that snob Korean guy..It so hard that he will leave me grieving after all happiness..tears keep falling in my eyes..

But although.. he is already in Korea.. he remains to keep in touch with me through sending an email and calling..and he's telling me that maybe on December he will go back again in Ph..I feel very happy then..

It was December and he already come back.. he called me up to tell that he was already here..and he will going to show me his friend..when we meet.. i was really surprised .. he is not the guy that i met before.. theres something change with him..Then days have passed that i feel that he is trying to avoid me.. i dont know why..

I feel confused and there's a lot of questions in my mind that why he sudden change with me.. what did i have done wrong?!!

I feel rejected again.. i expect too much when he comes back..But he left me hanging in the air...AGAIN IT HURTS ME A LOT..

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