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Don't be so Quick to give Your Heart Away!!

21 December, 2007

This story goes back from my past i use to live on the east side there was this guy that stayed down the street from me his name Anonymous i was fourteen at the time and he was 17 he liked me i liked him some but he always seemed scared of me or to just even be around me. So after moving from the east-side after i had live there for some 12 years of my life i had moved to riverside and with my mom and little brother we lost contact guess when he looked up i had moved. I

It was a September school had just started back up and my grandma had just moved also so i went across the street to get us something to eat at this food restaurant called Destiny's as i stood in line to place my order i heard my name being called as i was on my cell phone talking to one of my friends i turned around because it my mind i was thinking i don't know nobody over here who could this be and it was him looking at me he gave me his number and we both parted way. so one week i decided to call him and pick up were we left off we began to talk and then the feeling for one another begin to fire up again so i thought. He told me how he and his girl friend had broke up how he loved her it was Tasha this and Tasha that after a while i got tired of hearing that he use to always tell me he loved me and i would say it back because i did love him.

Then just when i thought i could be the one i was WRONG!! he started playing games he stop calling methings changed he didn't even call me and say MERRY CHRISTMAS i called him i cried that day so bad. Well after the New Year my cousin was killed and i need some one to talk to i call and called him no answer so when he finally got in touch with me claimed he had been calling me and how he was going to keep looking for me. Then after my cousins funeral he DROP A BOMB ON ME !! he told me that he had a girl friend and how he still loved me and he wanted me to know that he did so when i called it wouldn't be a slap in my face CAN YOU SAY TOO LATE !! Now I'm a grown women I'm 18 years old and I'm on my P&Q'S and I'm not so quick to give my heart away to no MAN !! I'm smarter and Wiser!!

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