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Do u think its time 2 walk away?

04 December, 2007

i have a girlfriend who's being chased everyday when we go out. She has the body the brains and the beauty every woman dreamed. When she came into my life i really didnt expect our relationship to last but it did and we're heading 5 years of relationship this coming december.

I had been trying to be that perfect guy for her, God knows how much i love her. A lot of girls are getting my number and i always refuse cause i have a girl, im not being proud and arrogant here im just pointing out that whenever we go out for a walk and i see some girls flirting with me, i ignore them while my girl whos just beside me keeps entertaining them even if shes with me. I tried understanding it, im still doing it now.

I gave up everything for the relationship to work out but honestly i was the one holding on and i feel like shes just waiting for me to break up with her. She's been very busy lately and i on the other hand is thinking of where our relationship is going. 5 years is so hard to let go and i cant just leave it all behind, Shes ready to do so and even if she doesnt tell me, i can feel it and i can see it in her eyes.

people keeps asking me to let it go and move on that i too can have a lots of girls if i want to. But i just can't. finally ive come to my senses and what im doing right now is that im being the best of me. Im earning memories before all this will end. And im just starting to prepare for the day to come when she'll walk out of my life.

Ive set a reservation in a romantic restaurant and i think its the right time to do so. What a christmas, right?..But i have planned that when everything ends i'LL pack up and ill go home to Oklahoma for Christmas at least i can still be happy and maybe ill learn to live each day without her.

bUt im having second thoughts, What if i can't say the words what if she says sorry what if my love for her can't say goodbye. Help me out please. IM badly needing advices..

Do you think its time to walk away

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