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Do he really want to go out with me or just feel bad??

03 May, 2008

Hey guys how u doing , I hope you guys remember me from the story he never liked me! well the boy that i am in love with asked me out friday, may 2,2008, but i am saying to ma self do he really mean it. Like i really like him so0o0o bad and i hope he stops breaking ma heart because he did it so many times and every day i cry and cry! The thing is he said to me that he really dont like when people is in our bussiness but yet in all he got two of his friends asking me out for him,but he was siting there while his friend was like "do u want to go back out with T......then i was like i dont know then i looked at t...nd was looking at him like should i go back out with him or nobecause all the stuff he did to break ma heart!Now i am wondering do he really wants to go back out with me or just playing with my emotions i dont know ya'll can ya help me out with this promblem thanx

the nick name is Lele comment plz can tell me wat should i do thanxxxxxx

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