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01 September, 2008

When I was 8 years old, I met this boy who was in my school but i wasn't interested at that time. I became his sisters friend and that way our families became family friends because we were both new to the country and were from the same culture.

I always use to go to their house because they lived just a few houses away from mine. There i played with him and his other sisters. At times his sisters didn't want him playing with us but i don't know why i insisted to let him play. I realized I liked him whenwegrewalittle bit older(10), That time we didn't get to see each other much because he moved away further butwe still met at each others houses. Anyhow, in grade 5 we were in the same class, i wasso happy.

What made my feelings stronger was that he was really nice to me, saved me from getting bullied, raced with me.(although i won all the time), and showed me how to play certain games at his house.

One day he came to my sister's birthday party and we were playing truth and dare. I chose truth so he asked me who i like?His sister and my other friend who were also each others friends went "ohhhh". Because they obviously knew who i liked. I was stupid enough t say "YOU." Everyone gasped and then no body said anything. We continued with the game, it was like he already knew, i think i always showed my affection towards him. Later when he was leaving we had a nice conversation but next day at school when i was talking to him he ignored me and did that from that day on..

The person who saved me from getting bullied became one of the biggest my biggest bully. He told wrong rumors about me. I didn't say anything although i knew things about him too.. But oh well, i couldn't.. I don't want him to hate me.

So that school year was horrible until in march i moved to another school because my family moved far away from that school. But I still went to his house because our families were still friends. So one day i couldn't help asking his sisters why he acts like that. They apologized and said they teased in the car so he go really upset and ya.

Now 3 years went by and he we still don't talk.. But he came on line with me at times so then we had a conversation but the first time he was rude, but then the next time we talked about how he bullied me and stuff and he did apologize, but anyways after that when he came on line my sister said i am talking to a boy which i am not allowed to so i had to log off. I like him for 6 years now and i am not sure whether he like me or not. It feels like he hate me or something. I cry for him, i beg god for him.

I know i will always until i don't meet my real life partner but i have feeling he's the one made for me because I LOVE HIM.

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