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06 May, 2008

Well, i was fifteen years old. a week before my sweet 16. Danny asked me out. Danny-6'3" dark skin, golden/brown hair, handsome. i loved to look at him. That day he asked if i could call him mine. He was a really amazing person to be with. we spent a lot of time together, on the phone, when our friends locked us in the closet (still mad about that!) and just sitting inhis car...his arm around my shoulder...holding me tight, talking ever so softly in my ear, so only i could hear. He was perfect. He made me laugh, and cry because i was so lucky to have him in my life. we spent every day together. i love him. one day my friend megan came up to me and said hey have you talked to Danny yet today? she had never asked that before, i talk to him everyday and she knew it... i said well yeah, whats up? she said oh well nevermind. i said maggie please tell me. she said well he met another girl...and he likes her. hes thinkin bout breakin up with you.

my heart fell so deep, it felt like it splattered on the floor. could my Danny leave me? why? he makes me so happy..hes the reason i wake up with a smile on my face every morning. how could this happen?

that day, i had to go to my dads house, and i happened to have a message on myspace from him.

"bitch i cheated on you!"

"Danny, whats going on?"

"its not ur fault i like to get around"

i cried. for hours...it was more unexpected than anything ive ever experienced.

4-5 months later my friend David siad, "hey you should go out with danny again!"

i said why would i ever do that, after he hurt me like that? no!

then a few hours later he said it again, and that hes mature now...

i said well i probably will, but it will be hard to trust him again.

so guess what? he asked me out, i said yes. at the time i thought he was worth the second chance.

i should have been slapped!

we dated for not even a week.

he cheated on me

with the school slut.

he could not be any lower of a boyfriend


it hurts to say that i still love him...

i dont know how

and i dont know why

no matter how hard i try to get over him

i cant.

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