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Crying makes it worse

27 November, 2000

I recently met a guy via a chat room and we really hit it off. It seemed that we were destined to find one another.

I really liked him, and thought he liked me. We were fine for a few weeks and then it just ended. No goodbye, nothing.

I truly miss my friend.

I came to care for him a great deal. Crying over it only makes it worse. I wish at times I had never met him, But I wouldn't give up the times we shared for anything. They were the most special and romantic times I have had in my life till now. I was married and divorced, that didn't seem to be so bad after a while. But this it keeps me up and no matter what, I cannot understand what happened.

Would someone please tell me how to just let it go. For I cannot believe he would do this to me. I miss my friend so very much.

But I guess it will never be.

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