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28 December, 2006

I met him in my freshman year of high school. I was with one of his friends before I actually started to catch feelings for him. Many said he wasn't my type, that I could do so much better. He was fine in my eyes, he treated good, he was as attached as I was. I am a very attractive young woman and I settled for someone who wasn't on my level. But some how I am still so deep in love with him. Almost every morning I think about him. I let him go for a while, and when I came back to be with him he completely transformed into a player, just like any other boy at Magruder High School. It hurt me so much tosee him smoke and act like such a bad boy. I tried so hard to get back with every in the school knew how bad i wanted him back. I was a foolish girl. To just act like we never were together, to walk by me n not show hurt...it breaks my heart. When we agreed that we were over, we agreed to remain friends, but I can't go on as being just his friend.I still believe in me and him, I tried to see him as just another love that I can just brush off. I know in my heart that he still feels something, all those moments we had together can't be erased! Those moments that we shared that were so intimate, and now all he shows is nothing. He show no emotion towards, he just wants to have sex with me and when I refuse he gets angry. I don't know why he is so confused! I regret stepping out of his life everyday. He tries to hurt me by the words he say, but 3 seconds later he is trying to hold me and apologize, silly me i accept his apology. It hurts when I see him with another girl. he knows exactly what to do to make me upset. Currently I'm a sophmore at Magruder, and I am still in love and I am never going to get over him, we are still playing the same childish games, and we are not going to be over.


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