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19 October, 2008

I never thought I will be in love with this guy because we always fight I知 only 14 years old and he is 14 too... I知 afraid to be in love and I知 afraid to be broken heart I never been in love to some one. but when I found this guy I feel something weird his name is Justin he is my classmate since 1st year when I first saw him I really don't have a crush on him or anything my best friend has a crush on him and almost all of my girl classmate has a crush on him and he is courting my best friend that time I like her to be my best friend boyfriend so I知 helping him on what to do but my best friend don't like him when we became a 2nd year we became a seatmate and all we do is fight my classmate are teasing us because they said that we are sweet and I hate it when they teasing us.. i always punch him because he is teasing me and he is punching me also we always hurt each other and one day when I go to school he is very serious and I don't like it and when i talk to him he is mad we didn't talk for 1 month and I really miss him when i look at him he is looking on me to then one day he talk to me and said "hi!!" and tease me again that day i am really happy cause he is back I really don't know that feeling but my best friend telling me that maybe I have a crush on him but I知 saying to her that it will never happened but that day that we are not talking to each other i really feel some thing weird i can't explain it. i know him very much one day when cheska my friends is on the board i see his smile that there is something then i said to him that "you have a crush on her right you like her right?" and he said" yah your right like her and i don't like you!hahahahha!" and i said I know that I don't like you either and i didn't say that you like me!!!!!!"that day i am really mad but I知 not letting him know that I知 mad. that day i admit to my best friend that i like him and she was shock all i can do every day is to pretend that i don't like him end to pretend that I don't care to him one day comes that we separate he is transferred to another seat and I知 pretending to be happy but i really miss him and that day i always looking at him and so he is. He is not having fun on his seat and he is not fighting with my girl classmate like he was doing to me i am really hurt because with my other girl classmate he is really good and me he make me feel that he never care to me and it really hurts. And now I知 starting to forget about him starting to be not to fall in love that much and to stop my love on him...

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