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Castle in the Sky

14 June, 2008

I had just gotten out of an emotionless relationship, when I first met her, unconventionally, in a chat room. I flirted, she flirted back. We spent nights and days, just talking on the phone. We had so many things in common, it was as if, she was my long lost lover, that I was fortunate to have found, thanks to my very own good friend, with out her, I would have been still thinking about my ex girlfriend or will still be searching. But I found her and she found me, in my most undesirable state. Where my emotions were shattered and my mind was incapable of loving another. Yet, things just fell into place. Next thing I knew, it was as if it was meant to be. Fate brought us together, it was hard not to grasp, the opportunity was there; I had to take it, because I knew it was worth it. And it was wonderful. It was heaven in my mind. Through out the relationship she brought out the worse in me, the best in me, but I grew to love her, each day. I was captivated. I felt complete, Everything just fit together .Despite her age, inexperienced, it just felt so real, but at the same time, a never ending dream. As if we lived in a castle in the sky, and she was my queen in my eyes. But time was against us, and we couldn't fight it off. We knew what was right and what was wrong, but we couldn't change time. We knew we had a long way to go, before we could really feel secured, about life, about money, and everything in between. It was difficult, the hardest task I ever had to do. Until then, I knew I had to move on. Keeping her safe, in my heart, she lived. We are now apart, and we no longer talk to each other, breaking all ties, making it seem easy. But it's not, just pretending. So many lonely nights, makes me restless. At least, a part of me, still clings, hoping, that one day, some where in time, we can find each other. And that castle, will be our home--again.

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