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Cannot stop loving him

28 February, 2008

i love my friend a lot,hisnameisAbdullafrom the way he behave i thought he loves me too. i thought that he was a person that who understand & respect other feelings but he was not as i thought. He was as others who hurt other feeling. he also did sumthing like that with me even. i trusted him & went with him, spend lot of time with him, he said even he do love me but after days he told he cant be that serious now because he is too Young. yes he was only 20, he is young to a relation but still why he played with my feelings.

i silently left away from his life, without any complain but his memories never left me. i tried to 4get him but i didnt 4get him, i love him more & more. As a friend i did talk with him but later he started to ignore me, i did accept it even.

then i got in a relation with some other man, who did love me a lot. i thought being with him will make me 4getAbdulla but i cant do that. after i get on a relation i realize that i could not give any1 the place i have given for Abdulla.

Again i started to tlk with Abdulla again, i feel like that i was cheating to my bf, but still i cant stop talking to him, i tried to love my bf a lot but i could not.

Abdulla was very flirty men, he goes to many girls for juz for the time pass... thats why i dont want him in my life again but still i do love him a lot, my bf complains that i love him, but i told my bf if i luv him also i want to spend my lyf with him.. i dont know why cant i forget him...

friends!!! Tell me what is shuld do...

i feel like i am hurting my bf so for his happiness i should leave him. n i shuld spend my life only in the memories of Abdulla, what should i do.. i dont want to be with Abdulla but still cant stop loving him.

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