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Can`t let go

10 September, 2001

I have been loving this woman for three years now. When we first met I thought she was my soul mate. We seemed to connect on many levels and shared our love for each other constantly. When I first met her she was involved with someone else and we could not be together like we wanted to.

Now she is free and doesn't want to be in a relationship with me and my heart is broken. Yet we spend time together as friends. I know I should get away from her or be a distant friend so that I can move forward. But I love her so much that just being in her presence and spending time with her means so much to me. She knows that I love her, but I don't think she realizes how much.

I constantly think about her and fantasize about us being together one day. As much as I love her, I know I should let go... but I can't.


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