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Broken Vow by: Ashtiia Acol

06 November, 2008

I admit that the day that you wereintroduced to me I did not even bother to looked at your faced becausefor me you were not quite interesting. Days had past, and we becamefriends. You were always irritating me with your teases and we did notnoticed that we had fallen for each other but it was not the right timeyet for I had made a promised with my mom. So, you waited but it wasnot long that I had decided to accept your loved even I know that youalready had a girl in your arms. I just closed my eyes in the truththat I've known even if it crushes my heart every time that your notwith me because you were with her. The time had come that we had to endour crazy romance because it is hurting me so. When I broke up with youI became a free creature. Saw so many things that I did not see when Imade you my world. I did not despise you for i had love you so muchbecause you were the bearer of the key to my heart. Even if we had beenapart I was thinking that someday our paths will cross and by that timewe can make our love last. You had your life and I had mine. I wasstarting to forget about the past and move on with my life. Someone hadoffered me a love that's true and promises to care for me more than youdo. I had accepted it and promises to be true. Days, Months and Yearshad passed. I was then contended with my present love but then you cameand snatched my heart then and there. You're confusing me on what todo. My logic is starting to be unfair. I want you back its true but Idon't want to hurt someone that had been so true. Forgive me but Ican't be with you for our time had already passed us through. So manythings had changed including the depths of my love. I know that youlove me still but its not enough for me to leave him behind. He hadgiven me everything that you had not given. He was there when I neededyou. He had given me his universe when you snatched my world. Now, tellme! Does he deserve to be left out? I'm really really sorry but this isreally goodbye for the both of us. Lets just leave our pact behind andlive separate lives.

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