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Beyond My Heart's Desire

25 November, 2008

It was my third week of middle school. I was desiring a crush. A new one. My class sat down in a circle, that once was not yet completed. My best friend and I sat down at the far end, waiting for others to complete the odd circle.

He entered the room, having no idea of who was falling for him. It was me. The moment I caught sight of him, I fell into a puddle of love. Dark chocolate hair and as I far I could see, freckles that speckled the bridge of his nose, down to his cheeks. A broad smile was plastered on his face. This was a beginning of love and mystery.

I was inspired, determined. He made my boring school days faster and more easier. Then I met her. My newest best friend. She was friends with K Crush when she was in grade 5 and he in 6. Also friends with K Crush's best friend, Emo K. Only one year older, but that didn't stop my heart's desire.

This day, maybe yesterday for most of you, tommorow, a year? I don't know. Today, he gave me a look of dumbstruck. He was saying he wanted to see more of me. He wanted to be friends with me. He just wanted to talk to me. He got in trouble, so he looked lonely. I'm guessing now, that he only wanted company, but my heart is still on fire. He's my passion.

He's 'Beyond My Heat's Desire'!

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