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Best friend.

24 August, 2008

okay, so..

maybe writing this out will help me get over my last boyfriend.

We met in September..our lockers were next to each other at school.

I didn't really notice him until the second week of school. He was absolutely gorgeous. We became really good friends over the months & i watched brokenhearted as he dated other girls. I was attached to him emotionally by the first month. I know how dumb that sounds, we weren't even dating. but all i could ever talk/think about was him.

I knew there was some sort of connection, but i wasn't sure if he realized it also. My best friend could tell and she kept telling me to be truthful and just tell him how i felt. At the time, i thought that her 'brilliant' idea was the dumbest thing I'd ever heard. Him and I were becoming really good friends & i didn't want to ruin that.

We'd come to school really early just to sit by our lockers and talk. His hugs? picked me upoff the floor. Everyone could tell there was something between us but it seemed that he hadn't realized yet.

At the same time, his best friend & I were becoming good friends. they'd known each other since kindergarten and she had grown to be very protective over him. She knew that i liked him & really wanted us to date.

Although i knew there was something there, i didn't think he liked me in that kind of way.

Then the surprise came. I went to my best friends cottage for the long weekend and remember boring her to death with the 'i wonder if he has a girlfriend right now'. Well, the day we got home we were talking until about one in the morning & he quite memorably said ' i don't think you'd kiss me :)'

ina playful, flirting manner. I told him i'd have to prove that i would and the next day i kissed him on the cheek.

That night on msn he told me he really liked me

so we started dating.


we dated for about a month and a half and then out of the blue we broke up.

this was about six months ago and im still heartbroken..

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