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Being alone!

25 March, 2002

I feel so alone. And not wanted. I was married for a long number of
years. I got divorce a few years back. I have dated a few times. But it seems
like everyone is only out for a good time.

No one wants to take the time to know
you before they jump you. Is that what love has come to? Maybe that is why there
are so many people alone tonight.

I dont think it matters whether you're a man or a woman. You get lonely and want to
feel needed. And when someone out there treats you like an object it makes you
feel bad. It has happened to me more than once. So I wrote a poem that is called
Alone. It is written with lots of feeling and it is how I feel about being

I think a lot of us out there may feel that way. I dont write too well But I am
enclosing the poem. Maybe someone out there can answer the BIG question. Is
everyone only wanting sex or do they still believe in relationships?

~~~~~~~~ALONE ~~~~~~~~~~~

Ever felt alone

never wanted or needed.

No-one around

to hold you or love you.

Feel like life is

passing you by.

No caring or laughing

no love or hate.

Sitting here wondering

"why do I deserve this".

Don't we all deserve to

to be happy and loved.

You have cried for days

even months and years.

Just wanting a person

to say "I Love you".

As days, months, and even years go by

you sit alone wondering.

Why is your life this way?

Why am I all alone?

You wonder if there is

something you did to deserve this.

To deserve being alone

with no one to love.

You know you're loving

caring and understanding.

So the question you ask is

"Why am I all alone"?

Thanks for listening. Keep smiling you all.

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