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25 December, 2008

k , so my best friend had a huge crush on this guy. There dated a broke up, he said he was to young for her? And then they ended up getting back together...okay so it was good for her, but people started to gossip saying like " they don't know the rules of dating, or like they're they worst couple ever" then he once again thought he was "to young" for her. They broke up again. Then one of her best friends started liking him, but she had a boyfriend! she eventually broke up with him, but the guy said he was tired of waiting and so he told her he didn't like her anymore, Then she's like" i thought I'd be glad to hear that, but I'm really sad now" but like wat happened to her not wanting to date anyone and how she would cry because she was with him! and wat happened to" im to young"

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