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Be careful

11 December, 2001

What started as harmless flirting has turned into a full out affair. His wife sees me in the hallway and says hello. "Hello, I love your husband" is what I am thinking, but I simply say hello back to her.

I thought I would try something wild and daring and it would never mean anything. Oh, how I was wrong. Once turned into twice. Twice turned into three times. Three times has turned into unrequited love. Countless secretive escapades and afternoon rendezvous' have turned my heart into a ball of confusion. How can I have the nerve to love this man? We could never be anything more and I know this in the back of my mind. Yet my heart aches and my head spins when I see them together. I guess it should be said once and again, BE CAREFUL what you do because it just might turn around on you!

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