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Bad luck and mistakes. Will there be a happy ending? part II

08 September, 2006

Nancy has received my letter. Her husband found out about it, either she told him, or he saw it. Her husband somehow finds out my phone number and calls my wife at home while I am at work, and claims that he first tried to call me but I wouldn't answer (not true). Anyway, he is upset and of the belief that my one letter to Nancy constitutes "harrassment" of his family, and tells this to my wife. After he is finished talking with her, he calls me. He sounds quite agitated and panicky. He says he knows that Nancy and I had "something" going in the past, but she has not told him anything about it. In the same breath he claims that Nancy and he have open communication in their relationship and that my one letter is "over the line." He asks me to forget about Nancy and to live in the present. I tell him I don't understand what he's afraid of, because there is nothing more in my letter than asking why she is acting rude to me whenever we happen to see each other. I have to reassure him that I am only interested in knowing the reason for the rude treatment. He seems to be a somewhat immature and underhanded guy, to be calling my wife first.

So I own up to my wife and tell her I wrote the letter and the content of my letter. My wife has been the recipient of the same rude behavior so she was not too surprised I wrote asking the reason for it. I came very close to also telling my wife that I still love Nancy. Very close, she could tell something was wrong.

Nancy's husband is suspicious and scared, and if I were him, I would be too. The signs seem to be more clear that Nancy still loves me. I don't see how he can continue to ignore this and live with her while keeping his self-respect, kids or no kids.

So now I am at an impasse. I feel like tracking down her address, driving to her house, and yelling outside her house to the world that I still love her. But she has four young children there. Some rhetorical questions, Is she really happy there? Is her husband really the man that she loves in this world and I'm just deluding myself? Do I simply wait for her reply to my letter? And what do I do, if she does not reply? Should I have a heart-to-heart talk with her husband, to lay out the facts and the fact that I still love her, and try to come to some sort of gentlemen's agreement with him? She has kids and her husband is the father. That is a very important fact.

My opinion is that if Nancy still loves me, it would be better for everyone for Nancy and I to divorce our spouses so we could finally be together to raise her four kids together. (Her ex would obviously get custody and visitation rights). My wife would be devastated by the divorce, and I would do whatever I could to help her recover and move on.

If Nancy still loves me, nothing will keep me from her.

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