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Angels watching over us

10 November, 2000

13 years ago, I was a divorced mom with two kids (son and daughter). I worked at a local hospital and there was a young man that worked with me, named Mike. I have some polish blood in me and so did Mike...we would always kid each other about it and so did everyone else.

Mike was very sick over the years to the point of needing kidney transplant. He got one and several months later, his body started to reject it and he died. All of us were very upset, he had just got married and had a small daughter, Jennifer. His wife had no money or insurance so I gave her my one burial plot that I owned so Mike could be laid to rest.

My kids would pray to Mike (their angel) every night.

One day my daughter Kim and I were going shopping. When we pulled up to the doors, it started raining... Kim looked up and said "Mike, we need to go in, make it stop raining"... immediately it stopped. We went shopping and on the way out the door, it started to pour down again... once again Kim asked Mike to make it stop so we could get to the car. It stopped, just like that...EIRY? Huh! Well, we stopped at the small grocer and as I was checking out, there sat a huge glass bowl full of bubble gums (the kind that has the fortune at the bottom of the cartoon). Kim asked for one piece. She reached in and the bowl had about 200 pieces in it! ... Full to the top).

We left and as we drove towards home and she said to me in a weird voice... "MOM LOOK!!!" She handed me the cartoon with the fortune at the bottom. It read: YOUR ANGEL IS WATCHING OVER YOU.

The years have gone by and Kim is now 25, she has two boys of her own. She still prays to Mike and I am sure she is teaching her two boys to do the same... as she still remembers that HER ANGEL IS WATCHING OVER HER.

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