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And some day, the right one will come.

30 December, 2008

I was young, and stupid. I swore to myself that I would never fall in love without truly knowing whohe reallywas. But as fate would have it, I did. Not one word was spoken between each other, but the connection was as strong as if we had known and loved each other our whole lives. I always saw him staring at me, with a strange twinkle in his eye, out of the corner of my eye. He would do constant cute and funny things everyday, it was unexplainable on how it felt to be adored in that way. It continued out through out the year, with each passing day, my feelings for him grew stronger and stronger. I could never bring myself to look at him directly or even glance at the direction he was in. I wanted to be with him so badly, to actually be in his arms, instead of longing to be. Our paths changed, and he moved. A year and a half passed and I was still hurting from the regret and pain of having that chance so close and I let it slip away. My friends saw a drastic change in me. I was no longer shy and quite. Instead of hiding my body with sweat shirts and jeans everyday, I started to wear make-up, actually style my hair, and wore cute outfits. I went through many meaningless relationships, all just trying to forget about him. I felt nothing for any of the guys I dated, and it hurt me to see I was hurting guys who actually cared about me, but I couldn't let go. One day, I was hanging out with one of my best friends who had been through it all with me, and we were searching the net. She clicked on a link, and there he was. A picture of him sporting the same wide happy smile, but next to him was a girl, smiling just as big. At the caption of the picture, it had a date, the date that they were going to get married. I broke down in tears, my body shaking. My friend held me tight and she kept whispering "This is fate, if it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be outgoing as you are today! Everything happens for a reason, it's time to move on and forget. This was meant to be." I believed her & I eventually got over him, trying harder than I ever had. But every guy I met in my life never stuck. I would never like anyone for more than a day, never thought of anyone with that same intensity. I'm still waiting for my Prince Charming to come, to sweep me off my feet. I know people think there is no such thing as fate or prince charming. But what you believe is what you see. Everything happens for a reason, just look back through out your life and look at the times where if something horrible didn't happen in the past, then something wonderful wouldn't have happened.

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