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20 December, 2007

I met a young gentlemen through a mutual friend. I became very good friends with his brother who in turn developed a crush on my best friend. I got to know and understand his brother very well. He was so different than any other guy I had met. We started spending all are time together however the time was not spent wisely. It was spent mostly in bars and large quantities of alcohol were usually consumed. He made me smile almost all the time and he was friends of very few people so I felt special and privileged to be his friends. One night things changed between us and he kissed me. One thing led to another as the saying goes and we became more than friends. Things should have become awkward or at least weird in some manner but they didn't. Wecontinuedspendingour time together and at theends of the evenings we wouldget physical.Ifell in love with everything about him even the annoying and bothersome parts.We had such a strongconnection thatI didn'tthink anything could separate us.Then the end drew near.He started acting strangely andgettingtext messages.The visits at nightto my homealso stopped and yet he continued to be myfriend andhang outwith me.ThenImet her. Theother woman cameinto the pictureand shattered all of my hopesand dreamsof a future withthisman.To be continued...

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