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Afraid of commitment

21 November, 2001

I was on my way home one night when this guy, stopped behind me at the stop light. Honks his horn and motions for me to pull over. I did, it was love at first site for me.

He was beautiful, sexy, and he made me laugh. We had our ups and downs just as most couples do, but we were always able to overcome anything until about 8 months into it.

I started noticing him talking about his ex-girlfriend. I could feel him slipping away. It would break my heart because I thought he was the one, but he just couldn't commit to me. Which he had been engaged to 2 other girls before me. I guess it wasn't me, the boy just had a problem with dedicating his life to someone else other than himself.

So all you girls out there don't go out with someone who thinks he's better looking than you.


How could I think I was the one.

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