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Adam hartley

07 March, 2008

I'm a freshmen and i WAS dating a senior. he told me how much he loved me and how we would always be together, and like an idiot i believed him. we even passed a beautiful house one day and he looked at me and said "someday we will live there" i pass that house every now and then and the memories bring me to tears. He was my first true love and the sad thing is his only reason for dumping me was that he was "too wild"which i think meant that he was screwing another girl. i was so heart broken and still am he was my dream guy. i just don't understand, i mean one day he said he was in love with me and the next he skips school and dumps me over a text. i think he did something that he felt guilty about and couldn't tell me in person. Just last week he kissed me and told me he loved me (we broke up 3 weeks ago) so i thought we were dating again. then i get a message on myspace saying he doesn't know what love really is and that we're not dating. How could he break my heart TWICE? i try 2 talk to him every now and then but he won't even talk to me. i know that i must move on but it's so hard.

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