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A weird incident

11 January, 2002

I was only 16 yrs old when I met Fred, a freshman college football player. Fred was tall, fair skinned with freckles and light brown eyes. When I met him I really wasn't impressed with his looks, but he was a nice guy, so I believed.

I would always invite my friends over to my house to meet my mother and socialize. One day Fred asked my Mother if he could take me to dinner after church. This impressed her because never had anyone ask for permission, especially after attending church too. My mother asked him, “Where would you be taking her?” His reply, “We would be at my Agents house to have dinner with his family”. Needless to say my Mother was pleased we wouldn’t be alone and gave her permission. I must admit there was a level of excitement in me. A 16yr old girl going on a date with a college guy, and my mother was okay with it. I thought this was going to be FUN!

The day came for me to prepare for my date. I wore my favorite dress and had my hair done and I was looking GOOD! Fred was on time picking me up and off we went. As we drove, Fred said he had to make one stop before we go to dinner. As I sat in the car waiting, Fred came back and asked me to come in. When I reached the door, I realized this was a room with no one in it. Fred said just come in and have a seat, I will only be a moment. Then I noticed him looking thru a dresser drawer for something franticly. I asked, “What are you looking for?” His reply, “ Some rope so I can tie you up!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I asked, “What about us going to dinner”. His reply, “ I lied, we were never going to dinner, I have football practice and you are going to be here when I get back”. My blood began to rush thru my veins as I sat there thinking, is this guy out of his mind or what. I sprung up from the chair and demanded to be taken home. Fred grabbed me by my wrist and he flopped on his bed and forced me on him and started to kiss me. I fought with fear! and yelling for him to let me go. As I tussled to be released a visitor walked in the door and said, “What is going on here?” I jumped up and said “Take me home!” Fred came to his self and said, “I’m sorry, I will take you home.” Full of shock and disbelief that this was a weird incident. I can’t believe I trusted Fred to take me home. The whole drive home, I couldn’t look at him, let alone say anything. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my mother what he did. How dare she give her permission for me to go out with this guy! Now I understand how date rape could happen. Thank God I made it home safe.

I told all my friends about this experience and prayed that no one else would fall for Fred and become a victim.

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