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A simple thing

22 October, 2008

I'm quiet by nature and very commonly overlooked. So when he notices me and accepts me for all my flaws I was shocked It was the beginning of july and I had just got my hair cut, I posted a picture and right afterwards I randomly have a new friend request. His name is Logan, I have seen him around before but never talked to him.

So I start talking to him via computer and telephone, then meet up with him the following saturday. He is a sweet kid who is very fun to be around with. For the next month we have a thing. Both of us are being fragile with our relationship , neither one wants to mess it up.

Did I meantion that I am 14 and he is 16? Well, Technically I am not allowed to date until I am 16 so this is all hidden from my parents.

Anyway. Time goes on and I start to fall quite hard for the guy. I swear he has no faults.

A few weeks ago I come home and my parents have hacked onto my online account and decided that he is too old for me to be friends with. Mind you, my parents only know that we are FRIENDS nothing more. Not only that but they put a password on the computer.

Im a good kid most of the time, good grades the whole shebang. And now I have an age limit on friends. I was really upset. When im with him I have a stupid grin on my face and want nothing more than to be with him. He makes me happier than i've been in a while.

That frieday I tell him what happened and that it would be best if we were just friends since I wouldn't be able to see him very often and it wouldn't be fair to him. I hated doing it because I really did love him.

He still wants it to work as do i but the timing isn't right.

Its now October and I find myself loving him more but I have to act like everythings all right so he doesn't worry.

Am I doing the right thing? Or should I say screw it and go for it?

He's my first love.

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