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A sad story waiting for a happy end

03 April, 2002

First of all, if you got here, you must notice that this is just a sad story and nothing but that. It is not literature.. nor beautiful love poems.. It's just life.. If you want you can read it, if you don't - just don't do it.

Some words about.. me. My name is Mihai and I am 23. I live in Romania and last year I graduated a computers and management college. I work now in a group of companies as a specialist in computers, even if my experience is quite small. They trusted me and they offered me a chance to gain that experience.. anyway, the story is not about this..

Everything began over a year ago, when my girlfriend left Romania with her parents and went to UK. Since then, all we had was the Internet and some letters and gifts, but all these can't take the place of a kiss or a warm hug. For many of you a year may not be that much, but when the whole while all you do is think about the other, everything becomes just pain.. ;(

We tried to do a lot of things to be back together, but it seems that for a long period of time, at least some years, we might have no chance.

This is where the real problem comes. We thought about all possibilities to be together again: the choices are easy to be seen.. whether she comes to me or I go to her. The first choice is impossible because of her situation in the UK: if she comes here, there will be no possibility for her to go back, and that's why her parents don't want to let her go.. also, she is under 18 and is still dependent on her parents..

The other possibility is for me to go there.. and I can't do it, because of financial reasons. I could buy my plane ticket, but the Embassy officials wouldn't give me a UK visa just for that...

Well.. all I want to say.. is.. that I love her.. and I need her.. and I want to be in her arms right now, instead of "crying" here, on the Internet.. I hate the net.. this is no place for feelings.. no place for love.. I want to be with my baby and to forget all the days and nights lost in front of the computer just to be as close to her as possible.. ;((

I would go right now to the airport.. in 5 hours I would be in her arms.. but I can't do that.. my freedom, my happiness... my love... everything in my life depends on some.. country borders.. I can't be with the one I love because the UK "fears the immigrants".. I DON'T WANT TO BE AN IMMIGRANT.. ;(( I don't want money.. I'm not a criminal and I dont want to be one. I am just an ordinary person and all I want is my love.. And for that.. I need a job there or an invitation from an English citizen.. an English friend which I don't have.. ;( she has not English citizenship, so she can`t do a big deal to help me.. and she.. just like me.. stands there.. in front of her computer.. and hopes.. just that.. ;( She loves me.. and I love her.. and I would do everything just to be with her.. I am desperate.. I hope now that some day a person will read these lines and think about how beautiful love is.. and will invite me there.. I shall be no pain for no one.. I don't need any English public money to take care of myself and her.. I just need her.. Many of you must be thinking I'm just a psycho of some kind.. if you think like this.. I wonder if you know what love is... ;( All I want is to be in her arms.. And I am not allowed to do that.. ;(( Other problems .. just don't count when you have the one whom you love by your side.. I don`t know from who and what exactly I'm waiting for.. I don`t know why I`m doing this.. I am desperate.. ;(( .. I don`t think someone would care about me or her without knowing us... Maybe God cares..

I'm waiting for questions, ideas, I don't know what to wait for anymore.. maybe for your belief in love.. this is my last hope.. I really really love her.. and.. without her love.. her kisses.. I have nothing to live for.. And for those who are laughing now.. I'm just wondering what would you do if you were me.. ;(

Thanks for listening.. take care.. bye..

(email address left at the request of the contributor: Mihai (just4love@endzone.ro))

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