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A poem about the one who broke me, my rose bouquet

16 November, 2008

Rose Bouquet, beautiful yet deadly

you were consumed by darkness

rose bouquet, your beauty only superior

to the razors edge of your thorns

beautiful on the outside, deadly on the inside

I wish i could pluck you but to do so

is to risk walking through your garden of thorns

My rose bouquet, where did it go so wrong

how i miss ur smell, how i miss holding u in my arms

im reminded of your touch by the scars that run across my hands

rose bouquet, your petals strewn across my feet

petals i dream, petals in my sleep

You'll be far away, let go of the hate

for my name, sing songs instead oh hope for tomorrow

hope for today

My rose bouquet, breathes in hate,

hate for me, hate for what was, hate for what is

let go, release before its too late

you can only hate so much, before you're consumed by it

a poison in your heart, blinded by hate

your mind was poisoned by lies, deceit is the game and you are its pawn

You were my damsel in distress,

I was your knight in shinning armor

with a kink in my armor i will walk

remembering the scent of your petals laid to waste

lay to rest, the hate, cause in your whispers i hear your cries

And well forgetting me can be your plan

but you know its wrong, and one day you'll lift your head above the sand

and realize, you were my one true love

You hold your soul for ransom to the highest bidder,

you treatorusbutterfly, flapping your wings to anyone

now that im gone, ive heard anyone will do

Just cause angels have wings, that doesnt make you one

you were my diamond in the rough, my one true love

four years together not one day apart,

I guess i shoulda never held you up so high

All i wanted was your attention,

all you wanted was my attention

well here it is, well here it was

all along

all along

My rose bouquet has withered

and now i walk over your petals

to my damsel in distress

dark brown eyes, honey colored hair

you were sweet as dawn

remember, remember,

when our path had direction

walk along the lines no more

so i'll color outside the lines and break all rules if i must

My rose bouquet has burned away,

over your petals i shall walk

into the arms of another

into stray burst of sunshine as they shine down upon her face

so weve both gone into that goodnight

and whispered our goodbyes

bitterswett sorrow stains my lips

cause i know you're with him when you should still be with me

by F.E to my rose bouquet

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