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A never ending pain

01 March, 2008

i teach in a center after school, after a wild i fell for a student of mine, don't get me wrong, i'm only 4 years older than her. the problem is that after a few days i decided to tell my friend who is also a teacher there like me and then came the big surprise: he spoke to her before i did and offered to go and propose to her parents and she said yes. so, for monthsnowidon'tknowwhatto dobecausei reallyfellfor herand i'm afraidtotalkherandgetrejectedbecauseholdingstringsmaid outof airisbetterthanholding nothing!!!!!

Sonow,the only thingi'mthinkingofisher,i can'teat, norsleep norevenstudyandmyheartisreallyhurtingme so badand noanswer...

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