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A love that lost

13 December, 2007

I am a married woman for almost 3 years with 1 kid. On the first year as husband and wife is very successful... we always help each other in our ups and down.

At early stage (1 yr and 6mos) of being married, we encountered problem. This guy been involved with the other girl that causes arguements.

Now, we looks like an strangers. We ignore each other everytime he goes home, but I never forgot my duties as a wife.

One time I tried to talk to him about this girl but he keeps on denying about her and when I asked him why he did not go home for two months and when he got home he just stay with us for a week and worst for a day. He always tells me that he is busy with his work.

I don't think that was the real reason and yet I still try to believe what he say to save our marriage. But now, I dont think its healthy but I love him... I dont know what to do now.

I tried to forget him but I always dream of him and I always thinking of him. One thing is I am worried about our kid because she is a papa's girl. I dont know if I could raise her by myself. I dont know what to do.... :(

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