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A love story started in a simple "Hi, can you be my textmate?"

07 January, 2009

back last august 2007, since I was 4th year here was this radio plugging in of numbers on cellphone to have a friend. so ngtry ako. then one of this almost 30 txters who text me was Him (my boyfriend) and we became good friends easily because we have lots of same likes and dislikes and he told me many things that may consider him to be rich which i was not sure so I didnt believe him at once and I always tell to my self "[i]He's just kidding >:(...[/i]" and then after that month he just informed me by text that he had an ulcer that should be in a surgery immediately.. in my pity for him I let my self to be her girlfriend(and he became my first boyfriend!) even what I had planned is to break him up after he is fine already ...but it didn't happen instead I'm sickly in loved with him! I don't know but whenever I hear his voice since the time he called me on my phone, his voice was like a melody in my ears. I admit it his voice was that cute even he lives in La Union before he studies in Australia, his voice was not that [i]Ilocano[/i] of native accent. Then we really spent every day on texting and calling each other. Everyday he will greet me good mornings, I love You's, mwaaaahhh, ingatz, and some sugary sweet quotes of love.. he would even let the pleasure to reload my phone if there's no retailer loading stations in our school. then last year June 23, he finally flew to Australia to study medicine, he was the one who puts me into the idea for taking up nursing beacause he told me that we would be really a perfect match: A doctor and a Nurse. at first of taking up his last words on the cellphone [i] keep my self from crying but after more minuted while he was telling me these words: "taje care always and remember always that I love you I won't find any woman in my life because you are the only girl who I loved. please don't let other boys get near you and the worst , court you or else I will die of loosing you. you are my life now. I need to go bhaby, Don;t worry I'll be back..." those lines remind in my mind and heart.. then there we are..just chatting on our ym's, commenting each other on our friendsters. he's kinda mysterious because : 1st i never seen him yet even we're already a year na. 2nd: he never used a cam on our chat at ako lang ang may cam.(you may find it unfair guys.) but even he was that mysterious he wont forget our anniversary. last sept. 15, 2008 he didn't come back even becausei his family were a rich clan, its eventually hard to travel bck form overseas so he sent money to his sister here in the Philippines and He told his sister to buy me gifts for our anniversary and deliver those to me by their cousin. so we met Julie(my bf's cousin)in our school with a bouquet of star gazers, a box of cadbury assorted chocolates, a white teddy bear as the size of a square pillow and a silver ring with a diamond in the middle(sound like an engagement ring?). I was really surprised to that. he even gave me a belated gift last may 29, 2008 as a deliver also by her sister at the first place. that's where i get His recent picture at that time. then the last thing he gave before our relationship gets complicated was when I lost my remaining 300 pesos on my boarding house and when we chat he scolded me that I shouldn't have chat anymore that time because I'm just wasting my money but i told him that I'm not wasting anything just for him. Then he forced me to take the money he will tell his sister in La Union to send me in a money remittance center which was 250 pesos.(he just told me that he wants to give me more than that like 500 pesos but he knew i won't really accept his offer if he will make it higher than that . so there i am, thanking him for all his kindness and love. but the day came last October 4 when he never did chat with me. he never even made a phone call either long distance or in the messenger itself. So i began to be angry at first, then felt sorry, then felt, lonely and send some message on his messenger saying sorry for all what I have told him lately(because I send him some kind of this: "do you still love me?" I think you have a new girlfriend there that's why you already forgot your girlfriend here in Phil." so i changed all those stuff until I found out from her cousin in La union that he had an internal bleeding which led to his serious condition in the hospital and confinement for about 3 months from now and I don't know how long will it take for him to .and now I'm always hoping that he will be ok.at first I felt strong to wait for him but when I received his late message in my messenger saying like this" you know, you have shouldn't wait.you know why? because I already hurt you so much. I think I should set you free to make things fine..when I read those. I felt my tears are coming out of my eyes. I cried all I can when i reach to my bedroom.why does he need to tell me those that now I'm letting my self to hold still in our relationship.Now 3 questions are playing in my mind: is he tired of me?, is he's out of the hospital (or) is he ok now?, and the worst, does he fell in love with someone there? ouch! it was. I felt my self That I want to get a knife and stab my heart now...how can I solve this that there are 2 meaning for what he send me either he felt sorry for me because he thought Im getting tired of waiting or maybe he doesn't need me anymore because he found a girl there who was better than me..where can this story lead?

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