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A little piece Dieing.

24 May, 2008

The air of spring was fast approaching, Winter had come to an end. There she stand waiting for me on the beach in the early morning with the sun just starting to cast its life giving rays to the earth. I hastily approach my special lady with I smile on my face I say " I love you" only to be returned with a look of regret and despairand a response that I felt in my very core. "I havebeen thinking lately..."I begin toshudderbut do not show it in my mind I can see my heart shatter like a porcelain vase on the cold hard ground of heartbreak.

" What is it?" I ask

" I dont know how to say this but... I have met someone...And I... I love you too... but not as a lover but as a friend."

From that instant I feel the pit of my stomache fall out and I had lost all feeling of my legs I try to hold back the tears but cannot keep them back,

" I see so you have found someone else. But why now and why here?"

"I felt the time we shared was special and today I am meeting him here later on"

I reach for my pack and pulled out a small necklace that I had tirelessly worked on for weeks. with the intricate weaves and the shimmering beads I take it and show her.

"This was for you..." I turn to the ocean and with all my strength Icast the beautiful piece of handcrafted jewelry into the ocean witch gladly swallows it up. "With that necklace as it sinks into the abyss goes my blood, my sweat, my tears, and most important my love for you."

Tears well up into my eyes as I feel a great fissure growing inside from this separation.

"I wish it didn't have to end this way. But the choice was yours and goodbye." with that I pick up my pack and head for my car. I reach the docks and see a familiar face walking the opposite direction. It was one of my good friends. I hear sobs and he begins to pick up the pace and soon starts running.

"Whats wrong why are you crying?" I turn to see that not only has my love abandoned me but my good friend stabs me in the back. There she is weeping in his arms.

A whisper passes my lips " Good bye and I will never see you both again."

It has been three years and so far I have kept my word.

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