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A life without love.

12 August, 2007

my story can be very long and i can share all my personal burdens with you but that will only feel like i'm looking for sympathy, so i'll just get right to it. throughout my life i'v always lacked the one thing my heart most desired, love from my family or love from anyone for that matter. i had a real hard life and suffered. being older now i'm still pushing hard towar success. doing well for myself and yet it still gets to me. what is life worth living if you live it alone, no matter how succesful i am i'll never be at peace with myself for being alone. in my life i never once had a relationship with a lady and i yearn for it so bad. why is life so catchy when it comes to things you really want? when a person really wants something no matter how hard they try life will show you that it just gets harder. i see ladys falling in love all around me, only thing is they never fall in love with me. it's always for guys who are professional heart breakers. it almost seems as if all the ladys want a "bad boy". all i'v ever wanted in my life so far is just to be seen but life has shown me i'll drag this burden throughout my life. i'v been considered to be a good looking guy but never good enough for someone else and where i live there are few ladys of the same race as i am. i don't believe i'll be able to have a relationship with someone who is not the same race as i, being white and english speaking i'm rejected in this place..... i'm just a lonely guy trying my best in life just to be seen. someone look at me for who i really am. please.....

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