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A crushed heart.

18 January, 2008

There is this kid who I have had feelings for, for a long time now. Lets just call himMark.He is one of my good friends but its hard because most of the time I want to be more. This boy is probably the most amazing person I have ever met. I cant even look at him without smiling. Just seeing him makes my day. That is except for today. We have this formal at the end of the year and pretty mucheveryone already has a date. My 2 best friends are going together and I really wanted to go with out other friend..Mark. But today when I asked who he was going with he said (lets just call her Mary ) Mary. Mary is one of his good friends. It broke my heart in a hundred pieces.It really hurt but I'm not one to cry over a boy because I think its pointless. I didn't say anything but its just really hard to like someone who has no clue. I'm friends with Mark and Mary both but now its just so weird. Me and Mark were talking all day because that5s just how it is and he cant see how broken I am. He is totally clueless to everything I'm feeling. I'm not a big emotional person but its sucks when you get you heart broken. The worst part is, is that Mark is leaving at the end of the schoolyeah to go to a different school....Like I keeps telling myself its life, thats how it goes. You think something is going good, and then you get burned. I am a strong person and something this small is not going to tear me down. I'll get over real soon.

=] January 17, 2008. 10:44 P.M

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