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A crush over and over again

23 November, 2008

It was September 28 2006 when i first saw him. He was beautiful. I knew i would like him immediately. He was tall, cute and shy. Just how i like them. Even though i was only 10 i knew what the meaning of like was. It was in the school yard, he was in 5th grade and me 4th.It wascool at first acrush but thenit grew to more.I started seeinghim moreandour common friendsdidn't helpsustainthis crushofmine.

One day ata early Saturdayprogram inschool. he wasreluctantly there.I asked my aunt if i could stay out later,she said yes.Soafter wasthe beginningofa casual friendship.I went totheparkwithtwo of my friendsDeja,and Jeniah.Guess who wasthere...Lover boy D.After sitting onthe swingsquietly for about an hour.i gotmyfirstcall about cominghome.I begged for anotherhour, yes again.Sothen the games reallybegan. oneofOURcommonfriends, Frankysuggested the game cops and robbers.The boyswerecops and thegirls were robbers. luckythat i was a fastrunner ibegan the chase.And whoyou askedchasedmeno one butLoverBoy D.As soon as he started runninghe camein my direction.Socloseicould smell his cheesyunwanted5th grade boy sweatnearme.Theclimax of this actionalmostkilled me.But as all chain reactions as soon as his dry hands touched my bare arms, myphone rangand it was time tocome home.Ionly wonder what would happen ifhe onlytouchedme?Orif he evenknew my name?


This year was onlya little bitdifferentboth6th grade and5th grade would graduate.So igrew moreinpatientand a little stalker.I knew exactly whatto wear,andwhen to ask for the bathroom pass to watchhim go tolunch.I wasa quiettrapped in the closetcrush.Did henotice me or did he evencare?Until onedaywhen i waswaiting for my friendChris sowecould takethe private van together.Chrisshowed upwith him.Asme,ChrisandLover boy walkeddown the street. I couldhear their whole conversation.until stupid me made a comment on something one of them hadsaid."Thisis 6th grade business no5th graders shouldhear this"said Chris.whenall icould saywasShut up,Lover boy hadto laugh.Then i taggedChris it.They both chasedme down the hillall part of my plan.when Chris tagged mei'accidentally' felland you knowwhohelped me up and asked if i wasokay.My heart hurtmore than my twisted ankle.

During the last few weeks of 5th grade at PS 165 my older more appealing cousin started flirting with my crush. one day i looked at his profile and i read a comment posted by my cousin in spite of the fact she new i like him . from then on i never spoke to her again. and i still don't

6th grade

For about 3 months i didn't even think about Lover boy until.It was my first day of middle school and aim was my main communication source.Of course i sawHimlooking really cute and my heart snapped back in action.only one problemhe went to RFKthe schoolright below mine.But they had about3 classrooms on my floor. i quickly figured if i stayed late in science every Thursday i would see him .And so it was.One dayhe was in the hallway and waved to me from outside my classroom door. i shyly and interestingly waved back.for a while i dint even think about him but as always when i get over him he pops up in the worst places. if it wasn't bad enough they've never even seen each other. wow she got closer to him in a day than i did in a few years. oh and my cousin liked her and they were supposedly were going to go out.es.

In ournew found hangout spots me and my friends always hang out in (please don't laugh) but in McDonald's.Around the same timethe song rush came out i would see him everywhere every guy i saw whether on TV or on the bus looked like him.One of my more sneaky friends Bree had aimed him and they were tight ever since until he had lost all respect for her after a conversation held while the 2 of our families(me and Bree's) were on a vacation.and this is when i knew i was in love. to the point my friends had to show me how they thought of our relationship with him. I stopped liking him

at that moment.

7th and the final grade

One day me and my friends were on our way to the library. As soon as we entered the building my heart started to beat. oh no he had to be there.And yes he was. him, my old friend Chris and some other guys i recognized from elementary school.Chris came up to me immediately and gave me a huge hug. then Lover boy started smiling at me way to hard so i smirked at him and walked away. The my noisy friends yelled "Ayy chika who was that?!" "That was him . no the one smiling." We headed upstairs to look at the whole library to get a sky view of him." at that moment i realized3 things.

1. He might actually like you.

2. He just saw the girl he has been flirting with for the first time.

3. Their all staring up at us and laughing.

"Duck " I shouted. Me and Niaya fell to the ground as stupid Bree with the skirt on stood their clueless. As i pulled her down.The next afternoon my friends were excluding Bree from our group because she was bisexual and crushed on my crush and that was off limits to friends..

One lovely morning on my way to school he was on my bus. he didn't say anything and when i questioned him about it later on aim he blamed his shyness.

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