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A Tearful Life

03 June, 2007

So my story isn't quite normal. You see, I'm 16 going to high school, take dance class, do normal stuff...... but I'm gay. After living in Vernon for a few years I move up to Prince Rupert and I started high school there. I got to school and was quite alone, which is normal. Then, I saw the most amazing guy. I got introduced to him through his girlfriend (a good friend of mine). I have loved him every since. It has now been 3 years with me loving him. It hurts, because I know he can never feel the same way as me. After 3 years, I finally told him that I loved him last night, and he didn't care, because we're really good friends. But it just hurts because I love him so much, and I just can't see what the point in loving someone that much if they wont love you. The last 3 years has consisted of tearful nights and slow depression. I still love him and I don't think I will ever stop loving him....

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