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A Tale of Deception

01 January, 2008

I once met this girl, whom I fell so much in love with. We both met the first time, and I thought she was the best for me there ever is. She said she just got over a past relationship, with a married guy who just fooled her and played with her emotions. I, on my part, have just been with the same heartache.

We started out as friends, every time she would be asking for favors... she would text me when she does not have load anymore, asking for one... I spent my time calling her whenever I miss her and she would text me the same.

But just now she sent me a message, telling me that it would be her last text message. She told me she just committed herself to someone, and said that she loves him.

It was stupid of me to believe that even though we're apart, things would work out. I was stupid enough to fall for this trap of love again. Now my heart mourns and weeps inside.... I thought that this would never happen, believing that she really does love me.

She even has the guts to tell me that our relationship would not work out because we're miles apart, that she wanted someone that would be physically present with her, someone to be by her side. It was a foolish lame excuse... Now, I really find love such a pain. This is the Nth time, and now, I guess it's time to say that nothing's ever good in love.

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