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A Lost and Found Love

16 December, 2006

I met this guy last year through a trip and would never thought that we'll fall for each other..He doesn't even give a hint that he likes me whenever we are together because he is 4 years older than me and ithought of him as a brother..but then a days went through we started to know each other and was amazed he asked for my cell number..we started texting each other and i cannot stop thinking of him..until i finally said to myself i've fallen for him..but that's not the end of the story..i knew he has a girlfriend at that time but i didn't bother about that because i thought i only like him as a friend..but he said that he loves me too...and i said yes..that was the start of our relationship and thinking we will end up together forever..but one day his girlfriend texted me and she said that i should be ashamed of myself because the guy has a girlfriend already..she said that i should stop texting him if i still have my conscience..and after that i stopped texting him and i said to myself that i will eventually forget him..he was confused why i disappeared from that day and we lost communication after few weeks..Then one day i decided texting him and tell him what happened..he said that long before we met they are not in good terms and might as well quit to the relationship..he said he doesn't love her anymore..and i believed him..we started again to see each other once in a while whenever we are free..we will go to different places i have never been in my whole life..he made little gestures that would make my heart melt and love started to grow..but then there were misunderstandings along the way because we have different priorities in life..i suddenly felt one day that he is not the man he used to be because hehas changed a lot..he started to ignore me as if i'm not existing but i managed to bear all the pain because i love him..and then there was a time when we suddenly fed up with the relationship and call it quits..the communication again was lost and said to myself that i will find a better man for mewho will love me unconditionally..then i met rix in a hospital and we shared a lot in common..i started to like him and suddenly i never noticed that im starting to forget the other guy..im always happy whenever im with him and i finally decided to give myself a chance to love again..i can say that we also went through pains and happiness...but then we will find a way to resolve our problems..iwas contented being with him untili sawmy ex boyfriend in therestaurant where weused to hang out then..but to my dismay i found him with another girl and i said to myself that maybe we are not meant for each other...after that i never heard about him and months went through..one day i suddenly thought of him and invited him to come over to where i was.. he went to our place and when i saw him i realized to myself that i haven't forgotten him..and that the bitter factis ididn't stop loving him..maybe i suppressed my feelings but the love and careis still there...we talked sincerely and he explained who that girl is..that they don't have any relationship at all.. he said that it was me all along and he doesn't stop loving me..after that conversation i said to myself that i still love him after all..i don't want to hurt rix but i don't want to fool myself that i don't love my ex anymore..i know that one day will come that i will have to choose only one..whom i really love..and up to this day i still don't know what willido to stop the confusion i'm experiencing right now..but i know in the end, i guess love has it's own way of finding it's way and everything will eventually fall into place at the right time...

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