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A Brother, Cousin, Friend, Boyfriend, Nephew, Son, But Nothing Like Me A True Angel To Him

28 June, 2009

All these people was to this young 21 year old who was shot and killed cold blooded...don't know who did or why? But me as a true solider and a true friend to this man knows who did it and knows some people who know did it but scared to tell but not me I will do what I can for my homie. This man was so sweet caring andhe never would hurt a fly...only if he had to. Also to my knowledge people were jealous of him cause he would get all the girls and he was just so sweet. I tried my hardest to be with him so he wouldn't be with these fake people and look what happend to him. I can tell he was raised to be a good man to a woman and anybody. But my homie is gone and all i can do is listen to him talk to me while I pray and he kept telling me do it do it do it. I kept saying do what do what homie.....he said you know do it. I said amen and 2 years later I was online and found my way to do what he wanted me to do...now i am in tears crying cause he is blessing me for doing wha he asked. All his family I want you to know that I will be here for you all the way. Bless all your hearts.

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