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A Bad Friend

01 December, 2007

Well, I'm in high school andiam involved in areallyweird love triangle, but withlots of people.it all begins with my friend last year......

there was this one girl who liked, girl "A", who also liked him back. they were kind of together for a month or two. then she did not want to really date any more. this really hurt my friend. over the course of that school year he liked two other girls,girls "B" and"C",who happened to be best friends with each other and girl A. all in all he ended up being rejected by all three girls. this sent him into a depression and he tried to kill himself. he went to a hospital and then it was summer vacation and he was fine...........

Girl C is an amazing girl, everything about her just seems perfect. she is like all i think about. finding out that she liked me was the best thing ever.......

now how thisall relates to me. i have liked and still do like girl C for a long time. over the summer she started to like me. at the end of the summer, we both told each other our feelings for one another and were both happy. but my friend also liked girl C. over the first month of the new school year he kept saying, "If you two date, i will just kill my self so we will all be happy." and he would tell the girl very sexual things he would do to her. so as a friend, i tried to talk to him, but that didn't work so he got so sad that he had to go back to the hospital again.when he first found out that a few of us had gone to guidance to discuss the problem, he was mad at me. when he was out of the hospital, he was like, "Sorry man, i was a bad friend." so i forgave him.....

then, it gets worse. since he was kind of over girl C, both the girl and i thought we could start dating. but along came girl "D". girl D(she is theloudest, angriest person ever)liked both me and my friend, but we both showedno interest in her. since i didnt like her, she tried to turn me against girl C, but i never did or will. so this went on for like a month. my friend is now dating girl D, but oddly doesnt like her at all. and to this day i still have no feelings for girl D. i hate her. but eventually all the fighting seemed to stop and cool off. the only bad part, i think girl C hasstarted to lose her feelings for me. i dont blame her. she was in the center of all this drama she didnt want and it really took alot out of her. i blame it on my friend, who i helped get better and i even didnt date girl C while he was sad. i was the best friendi could be and now i feel like crap. i still like girl C as much as i ever did. i think she still kind of likes me........

what else could i do for a friend who was suicidal? now he is ok and i am the pissed off one. and in no way am i mad atgirl C, i feel that she didnt deserve that bad drama and she has a right to want to leave the situation............

as i am typing this all i have are afewmemories i share with that special girl. man, i got screwed over by my best friend.

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