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8 years later

30 April, 2008

My story starts in my final year of school 1995,i was 18 she was 14, the first time we saw each other was on the stairs, i came down and she came up i looked her straight in the eyes and knew striaght away it all went slow motion from there.

It turn out that they lived in a house oppesite from ours,i never knew this till the one afternoon i came out the gate with my bike,it was destiny she was on hers aswell,this was on the monday after school,for the next 2 days i could not sleep eat or breath she was on my mind all the time ,when thursday came i was so in love with her, she was my life i would have gevin her my life if she had asked me to.

it took me 6 weeks to kiss her for the first time it was awsome,it was bouth our first time kissing some one with open mouth with your touge she was so inocent so pretty,from then on words her name was all i wanted to here she was the only girl that i wanted to c or be with, according to me other girls did not exist she was the only one.

every day that went past i lived for her and she for me we knew we were going to get married after all love is all we need and wanted ,6 months in to our relationship we made love for the 1st time,we were both virgen wich made it even better we were now complete,she was 15 at the time i know its you but it just felt wright.

For the next three years i loved her with all i had heart soul ,body and mind ,then in our fourth year she started getting jelloues it got worse we started fighting she accused me of being unfaithfull, i tried leaving her but i kept coming back i loved her to much, the problem for guys being so young is that they say things with out thinking a bout it first or act first, i sed horrible things i never hit her but came close a couple of times, you know the saying "you can for give but you will never forget" to this day i still remeber for being so ugly to her whem were fighting. i still remeber those pretty green eyes of hers filling up with tears,it broke my heart.

after 2 more years after the green monster appeared the end was near for the 2 of us, the end came the day she locked me in the room set my cloths alight and thrue them out the window cause i was not going out with a friend for some drinks.5 years to gether going on 6 , told her this was it we parted our ways that evening me drinking myself to a standstill every night for weeks on end, suicide was an option as well, i loved her so much i could not live with her or with out her.

After a couple of months we started cing other people it was wered we still met up for a chat and for a bit of loving we all do that!!!

the time is 2008 i have a girlfriend 1 of a few i had in the past seven years,i found out she got married 3 weeks ago and although we dont talk any more or i dont talk to her any more i think of her every day i still miss her i still love her and i still wanna be with her, now shes married and pregnant, i owe her to stay out of her life for she deserves all the happyness in the world, it brakes my heart i know that if i get married some day i wll never match the love for my wife as for my 1st love, i feel bad being with other woman being in a relationship with them ,i do try and be the best boyfriend i can be but i am cheating emotionaly its not fair on them.!!!

woman are speciall all of them they should be treated better and loved more ofteni am glad i had the chanse to love some one and experience love like that because nothing in the hole wide world can compare to TRUE LOVE

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