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about my love... my story i never told anyone.

10 January, 2009

i truly believe that there is one person for each single one of us...

-some are lucky to meet, love and live with the love of their life all their life..

-some are lucky to meet that person....but for some reason lose them, either because of someone else, or accident

-some are lucky to meet that special person..love them for the rest of their life, but unlucky to be knowing that they can never be with the person they love...

my story started 5 years ago, when i met Chris..it was not love at first sight, neither lust at first sight...it was only because i promised my friend to meetChris one day, because he was asking her for my number for more than 3 months..my plan was to go out with him for a coffee and never see him again...

But i guess you neverknow where your life takes you...You plan, something totally opposite will happen...

I went out with him, and for some strange reason i had the feeling i have never experienced before...i had a feeling that i had to run away...somewhere far away..but..i didn't..

i stayed, and we went on a date again the next day, and the day after....we got to know each other, he made me feel special, and i even started to like him..and plus Chris was always gentleman - very rare these days...Until one day day he told me, he loved me,and couldn't be without me,to which i answered that i was starting to have feelings for him too...( but inside i knew it was not true).I guessed that some people just need more time, until they show their feelings. and probably i was one of them..i cared but i didn't love him..I thought that was how it should be, the love will catch up on me later..because he was after all very attentive, nice,funny and plus he loved me...

Chrsi became very attached to me, and i liked the attentionat first...Sowhenever he told me he loved me, isaid to him..me too..I thought that little lie can not hurt anyone, and i will eventuallylove himtoo...Because he cared about me soo much, and icould see how happy he was to be with me, i decided to make him happy all the time..I didn't care about myself, as long as he washappy, that was good enoughfor me..So after 6 monthsof our reationship, when he asked to move in together, and at that time i was looking for a place for myself too,i agreed..Our relationship wasvery good, we hadlittle fall outs, just like anyone else, but in generalwewere happy...so i continues in my little lies....

we had our first anniversary together, then second, third..and just before our forth anniversay together, something happened im my life.......

i met someone..i haven't actually met him, i knew him for a bit longer...but one conversation have changed my life forever...

andthe rest i'm going to have to finish tommrow

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